Dentists That Standout In Baton Rouge

The first dentist I want to talk about is Dr. William Grand from Grand Family Dentistry in the Baton Rouge area. He has an amazing practice and really is an outstanding person as well as an experienced dentist Baton Rouge. He is considered the #1 dentist in the Baton Rouge area. His practice actually has associate dentists operating in his offices under his direction. Patients are given utmost consideration, not having to wait for extended times for treatment.

Dr. Grand uses state of the art technology and equipment to evaluate and treat his patients. When consulting with Dr. Grand you will soon realize that your dental health is of utmost importance to him and his staff. He explains options that are available to complete a procedure. You will be fully informed of each procedure and the costs. His dental care is very affordable with many payment options, and he accepts most insurance plans. If you If you are looking for a dentist in Baton Rouge, I assure you that it is worth your time to schedule an appointment with Grand Family Dentistry. They are highly skilled and just great people.

Grand Family Dentistry
5422 Jones Creek Rd
Baton Rouge, LA 70817
(225) 372-7699